We would like to share with you that Clissold Rangers FC is fully compliant with Football Association (FA) regulations surrounding Child Welfare and all our coaches are all up to date with their CRC checks.

We have always responded promptly and effectively whenever a welfare concern has been raised (though fortunately, nothing of a serious nature has ever happened at Clissold Rangers FC).

We look after children of a wide variety of ages, from 4 to 16 and so we try to take into account the varying needs of such a diverse group.

The sort of issues that we’d like to hear about / if you feel that:

* you are being unfairly treated or bullied by a coach;

* one of the coaches or volunteers is being prejudiced against you because of your gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability or any other form of prejudice;

* one of the older children is bullying you or showing prejudice;

* someone is behaving in a sexual way towards you;

We would also like to hear from you if you’re just not sure, but you feel something may be wrong – we’re always happy to give advice!

At Clissold Rangers FC, we take our wider responsibility to the Community very seriously. Children will sometimes trust their coaches to reveal things about their home life, such as neglect, physical or emotional abuse or sexual abuse and it is the responsibility of the coaches to discuss all such cases with the Welfare Officer, who will take any action that is needed.

Saul Marmot, Club Child Protection Officer and local GP

Kwadjo Barwuah, Assistant Child Protection Officer