u14sThe 2016/17 U14s team did a historic DOUBLE DOUBLE as ELE League Champions and ELE Cup winners!

The U14s started (as all Clissold Rangers teams do) as an U8s team and I was just a dad in the first year and my son was one of the six year olds on the team, which the Rangers encourage.

The second season my son played under 8’s again but being a big fan of football I didn’t have to be asked twice to take the helm. To me that was a 16 year old me, dream come true,to coach a kids team and give back.

I’ve run the team with Kwadjo since and have completely enjoyed the experience. Now these kids aren’t international stars but from day one I’ve seen moments in games that have been far better that great moments in world cups. Where I have not done my first FA badge yet, Kwadjo has and we have worked very well together.

Our first official season with the league tables as under 9’s saw us finish second, Runners up in the League cup and Quarter finalist in the London Cup. Apart from an off season we have consistently stayed in the top 3 in the League and went on to win the Plate (our league equivalent to the Europa league),the League cup and eventually the League in the 2014/2015 season.

Through the years we have seen players come and go with a small percentage going on to the likes of Spurs and other bigger clubs.

Over the last two seasons we have struggled to have training sessions due to the kids playing school or district football, but last season when we had won the League we only had about 5 training sessions which shows just how professional and connected the team is.

What we have also done as a team is to go on a few outings e.g. we’ve been bowling a few times and to Nandos where we gave individual trophies and praise of achievement to the kids.

“Clissold Rangers, you’re a God send. I would do it all over again in a heart beat.”

Mark Stephenson, Manager

Kwadjo Barwuah, Coach

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