u8sWEEK 3 MATCH REPORT: This was a really exciting game played on what might be the last day of Summer!

And it was something of a family occasion. We played a club founded by an old friend of ours called Lee who passed on his best wishes to our Danny. He was a parent in our legendary team that won the London Cup for the U10s and put a star on our club crest. Lee created Globe Red in his local area of Walthamstow to bring to an end years of commuting to Clissold Park but he stays in touch through the ELE.

Technically, this was the first win of the season for Clissold as Globe Red conceded the game before kick off on the grounds that they had to play an over age goalkeeper.

Nick managed the team on the day as Karen the team manager was away running a half marathon in Oxford which also meant we were missing Timo and Marshall on the pitch.

We got to the pitch in good time and warmed up well with our two drills – pass and move with a circle of cones and then right and left hand penalties.

After just 5 minutes Clissold went 1-0 up after a spell of concerted pressure on Globe Red’s penalty area with a goal on his debut by Sami. But Globe Red came back strongly to go 3-1 in the lead. Then in the final phase of the game Clissold had their opponents on the rack. Globe Red then took off their over age goalkeeper and Clissold were very unlucky not to score three times after completely opening up the Globe Red defence.

To top it all there were also two surreal moments in the second half. Athor (pronounced Tor as in Glastonbury Tor) beat the last man twice with a storming Thor-like run only to be brought down with very late tackles by the same defender. In a Premier League match both tackles would have been a red card offence but at this age the children don’t really get hurt with bad tackles as they are so light and rubbery. And these tackles were more about inexperience and lack of judgment than malice or a professional foul. And at this age we don’t send players off although they can be replaced at the request of the referee. So all we could do was laugh at the irony of it all.

Clissold pulled it back to 3-2 and it looked like we would equalise and overhaul Globe Red. But we ran out of time and then against the run of play with the last kick of the game Globe Red scored a fourth when they intercepted a goal kick near the halfway line and efficiently put it away.

To sum up we were the stronger team at the start and at the end of the match and unlucky we did not win. We had great shape with Milo and Arthur playing in defence in the first half and taking turns to guard the halfway line. Gavin played brilliantly as a sweeper while in goal, making a few excellent interceptions and tackles outside his penalty area. In the second half Gavin and Arthur swapped and Gavin showed he is also a demon tackler.

Motm was Milo for a very assured performance for one so young. This was followed by Sami on his debut.

Both teams played some great football in a good spirit and it was really end to end stuff throughout. Our boys showed great stamina to play the whole match without any substitutes while the other team had two subs although Globe Red did only have 4 players for a few minutes after kick off.

Sami and Tor promise to be a wonderful combination going forward as they are both very mobile, skilful, quick and strong. Once they learn to pass between each other they will be formidable. Right now with the newness of this whole experience, excitement gets the better of them when they get hold of the ball

Altogether after only three matches it looks like our U8s can hold their own in the Red League which is slightly more competitive than the Blue League.

And well done to our parents who gave them great support for every minute of the match. And to Sylva in particular for cutting up and bringing the half time oranges and to Jim for bringing so many of us to the match in his personal Tardis! Dr Who?

~Nick, Mister Chairman