u9sweek4Last year the U9s team had an amazing season playing competitive football for the 1st time.

Almost unbeatable in the East London and Essex league they are a lovely group of very determined boys who all share a formidable passion for the game.

What impresses me the most is the boys versatility to play in different positions. This is actively encouraged by the parent coaches during training and at each match.

But ultimately I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this young team play and flourish in a club environment that is both supportive and friendly.

Tanya, Team Organiser

“When we first brought this team into the world, or rather the ELE League, they suffered a succession of heavy defeats but past experience told us this was just about adjusting to a new environment and level of intensity. By the time they began playing return fixtures they were playing glorious football and inflicting heavy defeats on these same opponents. They are now one of the strongest teams in the league with a great future ahead of them. Well done the lads. But it would be good if we could add a few lasses to this age group too!”

Nick, Saturday Coach